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Valve files for bankruptcy – Steam sales too costly


Hope you love your Steam sales because it looks like this summer sale will be the last one ever. Valve has filed for bankruptcy claiming the steam sales were too damaging on their pocketbooks, and will be shutting down all operations in the coming month. Check after the break to see how this impacts you.
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Following Ultra Street Fighter 4 Capcom announces new version of Marvel vs. Capcom 3



For those of you who don’t follow semi-obscure fighting game conventions and tournaments, EVO, the premier fighting game event was last week. While many of our peers have been quick to report on the new characters and enhancements for the new version of Street Fighter 4, few have picked up on the other news coming out of the combat zone about the other fighting series that time boycotted. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is getting a new version as well, and we have the details.
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Xbox One to get a redesign for Japan



What a ride the Xbox One has been so far, from rape jokes and always on ‘NSA-vision’, to the 180 about their policies and sudden region locking removal. In the wake of all this, Microsoft Japan CEO Yasuyuki Higuchi said that launching the Xbox One ‘as is’ in Japan would cause the console to sell about as well as the 360 did for the past 6 years (and a shout out to all 8 of you Japanese Xbox 360 owners). Our sources tell us that Microsoft has actually begun outlining what they intend to do, and we have a list to share with you.

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Power Past – June 1993

NP June 1993 (12)

(Power Past is a monthly feature where we look 20 years into the past to see what was popular and what was coming up. Unfortunately, our time machine never existed, so we’re going to have to rely on a different method of obtaining information.)


Sunday June 30th , 1993

Dear The Future,


My name is Zero, and I am 8 years old. When I grow up, I want to be either a super robot ninja, or a video game magazine writer. Mommy always said to be ready to settle for the things you don’t really want, so I’m going to continue to practice my writing. This time I will write what I think about the June ‘93 magazine “Nintendo Power”.

Just so you know, the number one song in America right now is “That’s the way love goes” by Janet Jackson. Good thing I live in Canada.

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More conspiracies – PS3 update programmed on a Windows machine


The plot thickens. Earlier this week Sony released then retracted a firmware update for their current game console, the PS3. The firmware was pulled because one of the features turned out to make the console into a pretty effective paperweight.
Is it odd that after their, to quote the guy writing this article, “E3 ROFLstomp” that Sony would make a blunder like that? Odd… or extremely convenient for the house of Halo? Questions? Answers? Cake?
… maybe.

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Gaming to meet the Criteria?

mario criterion


Unlicensed News is proud to announce that it has received exclusive leaked Information that The Criterion Collection has decided that it will start to add games to its repertoire!

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The truth – Xbox wants to fail


Wow, Microsoft really messed up their E3 this year. Among the rape jokes, statements about how people with no internet should just buy a 360, and the need to remove Sony foot from their posterior, it makes one wonder what they were thinking. How could the have not seen the fan backlash?

… What if they did? What if they wanted it?

Think about it. Microsoft is a multi-headed beast of a company, and not limited to their console endeavors. What if Microsoft’s plan is specifically to fail in an effort to get people to buy something else, specifically more PCs.

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E3 2013 predictions

E3 predictions


E3 starts next week. Rather than bore you with discussion on how E3 is not really relevant anymore, I’ll instead surprise you with our predictions for what will come out of the conferences. Here’s what we think will happen:

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Microsoft announces Fable Anniversary – Will be Kinect controlled like Fable: The Journey



Microsoft-owned studio Lionhead announced earlier this week that people on twitter wouldn’t leave them alone. They also announced that they will be remaking the original Fable in a fancy new-fangled HD format, with all the bells and whistles that were missing from the original 2004 release. While details are scant, it would appear that Microsoft has done what they always do and shoehorned a familiar control-scheme to the classic game.
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