Microsoft announces Fable Anniversary – Will be Kinect controlled like Fable: The Journey



Microsoft-owned studio Lionhead announced earlier this week that people on twitter wouldn’t leave them alone. They also announced that they will be remaking the original Fable in a fancy new-fangled HD format, with all the bells and whistles that were missing from the original 2004 release. While details are scant, it would appear that Microsoft has done what they always do and shoehorned a familiar control-scheme to the classic game.

“The game will be Kinect controlled and on-rails,” said a representative who had shaved her head to look more like series creator Peter Molyneux. “We decided to go with a Kinect control system so that it will be easier to port to Xbox One in the future”.

“As the original game gave you some of that hated “freedom”, we streamlined it and will have your character follow a pre-specified path through Albion. Our research shows that most players do not like or play the side quests, so why should we bother remaking them?” she said.

“Microsoft Glass will also be required to play the game. You will have to use your cell phone or tablet to access the menus of the game. This includes customization, saving, and dialog choices. We feel that forcing players to download the Glass app will increase the number of concurrent users of the app, and will allow us to mine data from them much more easily.”

“The final addition addition are the Kinect controls. While the Kinect normally is very good at picking up on gestures that users make, we opted to go with a purely voice-controlled route. Now you will have the pleasure of throwing fireballs after repeating the word ‘fire’ seven or eight times.”

When our representative asked about a PC port, he was thrown out of a skyscraper. We’ll take that as a ‘maybe’.


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